Saturday, August 4, 2018

Ali's Story, Navid's Story, Hamid's Story #DiverseKidLit

Ali's Story: A Real-Life Account of His Journey from Afghanistan

by Andy Glynne and Salvador Maldonado

(Based on the BAFTA winning animations)

This story and the illustrations paint a vivid picture of Afghanistan with its mountains and dust. Most of the people live in tents, and there is a lot of fighting. Kids will be able to see how dangerous it is in other countries where war is active every day. Parents can use this story to explain to their kids what war is and why it happens.

Ali's family tries to go to Europe. He and his grandmother are allowed to enter the airport, but an official turns away his parents because they don't have passports. Without his parents, he is sad all the time and angry. He goes to school but doesn't know English and feels alone.

Four years later, he's still waiting for his mom and dad to finally come to his host country.

This storyline gives parents the chance to talk to their kids about feeling lonely, what new kids in their class or school may be feeling, and even what refugees (kids and adults) have to go through before and after finding a safe host country.


Navid's Story: A Real-Life Account of His Journey from Iran

Written by Andy Glynne

Illustrated by Jonathan Toff

(Based on the BAFTA winning animations)

*This story has darker themes.

Navid and his family had to leave Iran because his dad's life was in danger.

Navid and his mom travel by foot through Italy, jump a high fence, and are stopped by the police who have dogs. At one point, he and his mom hid in the back of a truck and a knife cuts open the back, revealing them in the back. Border officials question them, but, luckily, these men are nice.

He goes to school in his new host country. It's hard for him because he doesn't know the language, and not knowing what the people around him are saying scares him. He befriends other refugee kids at his school, and it's this support that helps him.

This is a reminder to all kids to be friendly to new students because you don't know what they've been through, and at that time, they really need kindness, as well as support.


Hamid's Story: A Real-Life Account of his Journey from Eritrea

by Andy Glynne and Tom Senior

(Based on the BAFTA winning animations)

I liked the patterned illustrations for the fashion. Each character and outfit was unique because of these beautiful patterns. 

Eritrea is a small country that not many people know about, so the author takes the times to explain where it is in Africa. Eritrea's northern border is next to the Red Sea. Because of their position, a war breaks out...Ethiopia wants access to the Red Sea. The people of Eritrea flea for their lives.

Hamid and his family run away, but his dad stays behind because the government won't let him leave. Later, Hamid receives news about his dad. Hamid struggles with grief. He had trouble eating until his mom talks to him.

"I realized it was a good thing that we left Eritrea and came to this new country."

This story shows the important of friendships and how two friends can help each other through their sadness. It also teaches kids about grief and gives parents a beginning to start the conversation about grief, what it feels like, and how to get through it.