Gregory Green Adventure Series

Meet Gregory Green and his teddy bear, Sammy. Their first story together as Book 1 of the Gregory Green Adventure series is Pea Soup Disaster.

Gregory Green and Sammy.

My original drawing, which I gave to my illustrator.

The Gregory Green Adventure series started as picture books I wrote, illustrated, and bound together for my children. The very first story was titled simply Gregory Green and was about a little boy and his teddy bear turning green after eating too much pea soup. I got the idea from my son Danny, who loved my homemade split pea soup, and he had a Cabbage Patch Doll named Sammy.

Original Sammy

After that, I created other stories for Gregory and Sammy, such as The Jungle Hunt and Mrs. Robin. I read these stories to my children and then to classes at the schools I worked at. As a librarian assistant, I would read these stories to classes who came into the media center. I would even bring in my son's Cabbage Patch Doll and act out the story with him. Teachers and students had a lot of fun with these stories, and especially with the real Sammy.

Years later, with Chrys Fey's help, my daughter, I rewrote the original story for this generation of kids. I kept the fun storyline of Gregory turning green after eating too much pea soup, but I wove in a lesson about bullying.

Now, I am publishing 3 Gregory Green Adventure stories a year! Doctor Mom will be coming out in May!

Original Cover
I used my middle daughter's hand for Gregory's hand.

The Draft of the Original:



Gregory Green loves his mom’s pea soup, but when he eats it at school, all of his friends make fun of how it looks. He doesn’t think it looks like bugs, and it tastes good! Then at recess, his friends run from him, screaming, “He’s a monster!” Gregory doesn’t know why his friends are being mean until he sees his skin is green. The teasing gets worse until an unlikely friend comes to the rescue—his teddy bear, Sammy. Sammy usually only comes to life for Gregory and his family, but Sammy has an important lesson to teach Gregory and his classmates.


It’s Saturday, and Gregory Green can’t wait to have fun with his dad on the riding lawnmower, but something is wrong. Sammy, his teddy bear and best friend, won’t get out of bed. Gregory is worried when he sees Sammy’s left leg is torn. This is a case for Doctor Mom! Can they fix Sammy? And just how did Sammy get hurt in the first place?


One Halloween night, Gregory and his teddy bear Sammy go trick-or-treating, hoping for lots and lots of candy. But Sammy is scared of everything and is constantly asking, “What’s that?” Gregory gets annoyed until one of those things turns out to be a flying broomstick. And this broom wants them to go for a ride. Where will it take them?


The paper alphabet letters in Gregory Green’s classroom have gone missing, and it’s up to him and his friends to find those missing letters. They go on a hunt through the school, hoping to find them. They spot letters next to things that start with those letters, like B for Bananas in the cafeteria. But will they be able to find the entire alphabet?

The Missing Alphabet is a great story for children learning to associate letters with objects, and four activities throughout the book will further help children to get familiar with the alphabet.



On Christmas Eve, Gregory and Sammy get a special visitor—Santa Claus! Santa brings them on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure around the world and to the North Pole. Bundle up and come along for the ride!


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